English information 

SPORT UNION AEGERI is a local Sports Club offering and doing a variety of different activities. We have a long history (founded in 1956) and are one of the eldest and biggest clubs of Unterägeri. We count approx. 200 members in total and are organized in different squads.

Our basic principles are the following:

  • Sport as an activity by which everybody can achieve his/her own target by going his/her own way
  • Sport for youth
  • Sport as a relevant possibility of personal development on the basis of ethical principles as well as of equality of men
  • Fostering togetherness paired with social and companionable events

Please learn more about us by visiting our website.

New joiners are always welcome! If you are interested in getting in touch with locals, doing sports together and having fun at various club events, don't hesitate. Just come along to one of our weekly training lessons.
Or get in touch with the respective squad leader.
Another way to get in touch is to use the contact form.

To help you find your way around, we have a table below with the translation of the different squad names.
You can find the training times here: Link
And an overview of all our squads can be found here: Link   

Squad Riege (the German equivalent)
Parent & Child Squads
(for kids aged 3-5 with Mom or Dad)
El-Ki Dienstag/Donnerstag/Samstag
(3 different squads)
Kids’ Squad
(for kids aged 5-7)
KiTu (Kinderturnen)

Girls’ Squad 1
(for girls aged 7-10)
Mädchen 1
Boys’ Squad 1
(for boys aged 7-10)
Jugi 1
Girls’ Squad 2
(for girls aged 10 and older)
Mädchen 2
Boys’ Squad 2 Parkour
(for boys aged 10 and older)
(for ladies of different age)
Ball Games
(for gents aged 20 and older)
Ladies’ Squad 1 Aerobic
(for ladies aged 20 and older)
Men’s Squad 1 Fitness
(for gents aged 20 and older)
Ladies’ Squad 2
(for ladies aged 50 and older)
Bliib Fit
Men’s Squad 2
(for gents aged 50 and older)